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Tucson Skyline at Dusk © A. T. Willett
The Downtown Tucson Skyline glowing after a summer monsoon thunderstorm. Downtown Tucson has many exciting places to see and things to do. There are good restaurants museums and places to listen to live music. There is the Tucson Convention Center and also historic place like the the El Tiradito Shrine, Sosa Carrillo-Freemont House and La Casa Cordova. The 610 Highland Loft is a 15 minute walk to downtown Tucson, 4th Avenue or the University of Arizona. This page lists a few of the more exciting places to visit downtown.

Fox Theater Tucson Arizona © A. T. Willett 2002

Amy Rude performing on the Congress Hotel Patio © A.T. Willett
Hotel Congress

Hotel Congress, the live music on the patio is a great place to listen to a show and have a nice drink as dusk comes over the Tucson Skyline. The Tap room is a great place to chat with friends face to face. The indoor stage, Club Congress gets some amazing shows, something every night of the week. There is also the Cup Cafe which serves breakfast, lunch, and diner indoors and also on the patio.

Two restored historic Theaters the Rialto Theater and the Fox Theater both reside on Congress Street in downtown Tucson. The Rialto has live music almost every night of the week with national touring acts. The Fox theater has other live music performances as well as movies, also host to many charitable events.

FOX Theater

Rialto Theater



Pima County Courthouse West Side view © A. T. Willett 2001
Married at the Court House
A couple just Married at the Pima County Courthouse, They were actually married in the courtroom where famous criminal John Dillinger was arraigned in 1934 after being captured in a house near the University of Arizona. Detectives tracked down Dillinger and his gang in Tucson after they were forced out of their rooms when a Fire broke out at the Hotel Congress. Seems over tipping the fire department to retrieve their heavy bags filled with amo and Thompson Sub Machine Guns was their great donwfall.  Although tip your wait staff should you go.
El Presidio Park
The west side of the Pima County Court House.  This is where Tucson MeetYourself and other downtown Festivals take place. Its not a park for joggingor playing frisbee but a lot of the court employees eat lunch here. The TucsonMuseum of Art is just across the street from here.  As well as City Hall,City of Tucson Developmental Services, the downtown Library and closely linkedby a pedestrian bridge to La Placita and the Tucson Convention Center
Outdoor Movie Night at La Palcita by photographer A. T. Willett
Pima County Court House Tucson Arizona
Movies under the night sky
Remember the romance of the outdoor movie scene in the film Cinema Paradiso?Now you can experience the romance of an outdoor movie with your sweetheart orgood friends under a star filled Tucson sky. Classic films and cool summer nightbreezes at Cinema La Placita. Plastic chairs are provided although you mightfind a folding camp chair more comfortable on the courtyard steps or a bringblanket to sit on the lawn. Bring friends and a happy attitude, real food anddrinks available at the La Placita Courtyard restaurants. Starting May 2009,click photo for more info.
Downtown Tucson Library Courtyard
A public Art Sculpture by local Tucson Artist David Elliot, I provided one of the lenses in star shaped artwork on the right.
El Tiradito Shrine Tucson Arizona by photographer A.T. Willett 1999
Etherton Gallery Opeing for Out of A Clear Blue Sky © Jeff Smith 2007
Etherton Gallery    135 S. 6th. Avenue
Etherton Gallery specializes in vintage and contemporary fine art photography, paintings, prints, sculpture, and mixed-media works by local and regional artists. Cited as “one of Tucson’s early and most enduring contemporary art spaces,” the gallery has been voted “Best Gallery” in Tucson for twelve years running.

The story of the El Tiradito Shrine
The El Tiradito Shrine (The castaway). The shrine is located in a South Tucson barrio neighborhood. People come from all over the southwest to visit this shrine which is said to provide magical powers, they ask for help and pray for many heart felt desires.

Some visitors wish for help with a sick child or relative by leaving a photograph, a piece of clothing or a small momento. Some ask for the love of their romantic interest by lighting a candle with their secret lovers name written on the bottom, or maybe a poem or some flowers. Some people leave quarters under a candle to ask for help with money troubles. It is said if your candle burns throughout the night, your wish will be granted. Just south of the Tucson Convention Center on Main Street.

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